Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Please fill this out if you can spare two minutes!

Hey guys,

So as I have previously mentioned I want to write for a living (more specifically for a magazine). At school I have adapted this love into a projects for my Extended Qualification and as a source of primary research I have created a survey. I would love it if you guys could fill out if you can, it's only 3 questions and shouldn't take you longer than two minutes: EPQ Photoshop Questionnaire

EPQ Photoshop Questionnaire

EPQ Photoshop Questionnaire

Thank you xx

Sunday, 15 January 2017

A Fresh Start...


If you're reading this then you are either a dedicated reader who has patiently waited for me to fricking upload for the past couple of months or have somehow stumbled upon my blog. Either way welcome (back)!

My New Years Resolutions are very few and are not at all challenging (well 4 and 6 are but the rest are mundane):

1 - Take my makeup off before bed - I know I'm the gross being who forgets (or is too lazy - mainly the latter really) and I have promised myself to start taking better care of my skin.

2- Take more baths - like full on baths with bubbles and bath bombs and all that jazz because sometimes I'm annoying and I forget to relax which is really bad for me (and anyone else tbh). P.S I do have a shower every day if that caused any confusion

3- Finish a damn notebook - this needs to happen like right now

4- Ace my mocks - I'm not talking about all A's (that would never happen lets be real), but I am trying really hard to get grades I am happy with. A LEVELS ARE SO FRICKING HARD - there's a lot of work/content to memorise and I should do it after every lesson but who has the time.

5- Organise my life - basically get a shit tonne of pretty stationary for my desk and then never use it hence point 3

6- Look after my blog and not neglect you guys - I have wanted to restart my blog for so long - today I had a long talk with my dad about it and he said I should in my free time but I have so little. I'm meant to be revising Economics right now but I wanted to write so bad I thought fuck it.

I really want to get back into posting more but please bare with me.

Thank you the few of you reading this

Love Amber xx

Sunday, 28 August 2016


Hey guys, so today I'm going to talk to you about my experience on NCS and what I have learnt from the experience!

NCS = National Citizenship Service - it's a great way to meet people close to your age and to do something worthwhile in your summer. NCS is open to 15-17-year-olds and also looks fab on your CV which makes you more employable. Win win!

My experience, in general, was great. The first week was inevitably the hardest. I'm pretty much a home bird and rarely stay anywhere other than my house (except for sleepovers). This meant that the week residential away from home was super hard. Don't get me wrong I loved the activities with my team and my mentor was really supportive but I just missed home. Also, I was in a team with 14 people that I didn't know but I realised that everyone is in the same boat so I made a few friends. I'm no social butterfly though!

Week 2 was a lot better. I stayed in University accommodation which was really fun! Also, the girls in my flat were all lovely. On the first night, we had a Come Dine With Me evening where 3 groups of 2 had to make a dish and I really enjoyed going to the shops with my 'flatmates' and choosing what to make. Unfortunately, I had to leave a day early from this week so I missed the First Aid course with the army! I was gutted.

I much preferred week 3. My team and I met at a nearby college and planned our social action project. This meant that after each day I could go HOME! The social action project is where you and your team set a weeks worth of fun events in order to help raise money for a charity. We chose Newlife as the money raised is used closer to home. I also ran all the social media aspect of our campaign so most of my work was done at home.

Week 4 was by far the greatest. On Monday we bag packed at large superstore and I loved it. The customers were very generous and I loved the whole idea of giving something back to the community. Tuesday was a great night we hosted a party with two other teams and had a whole lot of fun. Wednesday was Super Sonic Boom which is an event for teenagers - we held an awesome bake sale. On Thursday was the sponsored 10-mile walk - we raised over £200 alone on this event. On Friday, however, we had planned another bake sale but the rain came  and threw us of our plans. Our mentor, however, said that we had all done our 60 hours and let us have the day free.

Overall I've learnt social skills as I didn't know any people in my team and now a few are very good friends. I also learnt that giving back to the community is such a rewarding feeling!

If you live in the UK and are aged between 15-17 sign up now for next summer! What are you waiting for?

Find out more: http://www.ncsyes.co.uk/